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Helping Parents Learn to Advocate for Their Special Needs Child

You CAN Advocate For Your Own Child

And I can teach you how!  With my easy to follow information, you can walk into any school meeting prepared to make sure your child gets the services she needs to succeed in school. Let’s start with the basics.

I think I've got this. I just need to talk it out.

You’ve been to 12 IEP meetings.  Your kid is doing pretty well.  It’s time for middle school.  More teachers, more students, a whole new world.  Let’s talk strategy.  How can we make sure he has the right services?  OR…you’ve got one kid doing well on her IEP.  This process is just great!  The school decides she doesn’t need it anymore and proposes a 504.  Now what? I can give you an actionable plan that will have you prepared for that meeting, and I can hold you accountable to the plan.

Custom Training For Your Company

Are you a company that has case managers that need to learn the basics of how the process for obtaining services for their clients or client’s children in school?  Are you a school with teachers who do not have a background in special needs but find that more and more of their students are coming into class with IEPs or 504s and you want them to have a better understanding?  I can help. Let’s get started.

We can help!

Stop paying exorbitant prices to hire someone every year to do what you can do yourself.  If I can figure this process out, you can too.  Let me help.

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