So my kid started high school on Monday.  We are 3 days in and the main thing I realize is that the stress I go through in the adjustment from summer to actual school is the same regardless of the fact that all she does is go into her room and log on to a computer.

Could this be a me issue?  I think so.

She seems to be fine.  I printed out her schedule and highlighted the times she’s actually “live” watching class online in green.  I put the name of the class and the teacher and their emails in each section.  As I write this blog I realize that I could’ve told her to do it herself.  She’s 14.  Autistic.  I’m not a fan of functioning labels.  She can certainly type her own class schedule, print and laminate it if I asked her to.  Last year I told her “the helicopter has landed!” which was supposed to mean that I would no longer be hovering over her to make sure she knew what she was supposed to be doing.  She’s completely unorganized and forgetful.  I am too and I’m not autistic so if she WANTED to, she could get her act together (like I do when I want to).  And yet, the conundrum with autism is knowing when the expectations are too high vs too low.  Let’s just say last year the helicopter was SO CLOSE to landing but kept having to go back in the air.  Dumb analogy?  Yeah yeah.

This year, I’m taking cues from her teachers.  She’s in a special program and if I had to guess (since I don’t think they can tell me), she’s probably the only autistic kid in it.  It’s a 4 year program sponsored by these guys and during the online orientation meeting, the teacher in charge said that he would not be communicating with parents.  He would be expecting the students to do things on their own.  He wouldn’t let them fail, but he expected them to keep up with the program and their work.  So…here we go!