I’m Kim Kizito.  I became an IEP Strategist in 2008 when I realized that no one was giving me any concrete information about how the school was going to help my autistic daughter.  Why was I being told that I was an equal part of an IEP team, yet I felt like there was some secret in the room that everyone knew BUT me?  So I decided that I needed to figure this entire process out or someone else would be making decisions for me.  From that point on, I took the bull by the horns and learned the process in Virginia.  Then moved to South Carolina and learned the process there.  I also worked for a nonprofit (South Carolina Autism Society) to help families and schools.  I took advantage of all the resources I could.  I began helping other families who didn’t have time, or didn’t understand the process.  I have attended countless IEP, 504, eligibility, and regular school meetings with parents who were just like me and wanted someone on their side. But because of the way I work with the parents AND the schools, I have been hugged by school principals for making the process painless.  I have been asked to speak on the district level, at teacher workday meetings and the like to talk about various topics.
I have a Masters Degree in Education.  Prior to working in this field, I spent years in Corporate America as a Corporate Trainer where I designed, developed and delivered customized training for the companies I worked for. I DO THIS.  Believe me…NO ONE knows your child like you do.  And NO ONE will advocate for them harder than you will.  Let me teach you how to do it AND get the results you want, AND the peace that comes when you realize you can get what you want AND work WITH the school to be on your side.

Kimberly D. Kizito, M.Ed

The IEP Strategist

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Stop paying exorbitant prices to hire someone every year to do what you can do yourself.  If I can figure this process out, you can too.  Let me help.

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