This week I realized that I don’t need to go upstairs to drag my 7 year old out of bed!  Each kid has an Echo Dot in their bedroom.  The older kid uses it for playing relaxing music before bed, asking Alexa the daily question then making everyone else feel stupid when they don’t know the answer (that SHE herself wouldn’t typically know either until Alexa told her). The 7 year old uses hers for listening to her music (I feel like I’ve completely lost touch with my kids and music today, but that’s the topic of another blog).

We got the Echo Dots pretty cheap on Amazon last year.  I found the “Drop In” option where from my phone, I can press one button, choose the Echo that’s in the kid’s room I want to talk to, and have a full back and forth conversation without having to yell up the stairs.  I just thought it was the best thing ever!

Then it occurred to me on a couple days ago, that I have been trudging upstairs daily to drag my 7 year old out of bed since she has a hard time falling asleep and an even harder time waking up each morning. I try not to be so hard on her since she is just so wired at the end of the day regardless of the amount of stimulation we remove.  So when she finally falls asleep, she’s out like a rock.  On school days, this is an issue.  So the other day, I used the Drop-In feature to tell her it was time to get up.  Then I played one of her songs really loud.  I waited…I listened…and low and behold, the sleepyhead actually got up!  

This is huge.  I hope it lasts.