Online school day 9?
Names have been changed to protect…ME.
1. My 14 year old (TheAutistic9thGrader) is up pretty early each day. I know this because by the time I get up, she has made several facebook posts. This is the second day in a row that she hasn’t made her bed. This is no bueno in this house. When I peeked in on her this morning she was in her PJs in class. This is day 2 of that. I’m thinking that if you have enough time to post on facebook, you have enough time to take a shower and get dressed before 7:25.
I’m also her mom who held her through about a 75 minute “ugly cry” meltdown yesterday during her class break/lunch that most of us wouldn’t blink an eye at, but was upsetting to her. Sometimes autism “be” that way. She’s also a full blown teenager…with hormones. Grace is being given. However no PJs tomorrow. By the way, these PJs are maroon Christmas PJs that say “Happy Holla’days”.  I bought them for her.
2. My youngest (TheADHDSecondGrader) is cold. She’s wearing a fur coat. She looks bored because she is. I may or may not have said sit up and pay attention. I may or may not have done some anti anxiety breathing that I teach my oldest to do when she’s at a breaking point. (I may or may not have been at a breaking point).
Checking in on my oldest. That phone. I can’t remember what life was like before it became an appendage. By the way, she has her own bedroom. That she doesn’t sleep in. Her little sis gets on her last nerve. And yet…she opts to sleep in her room. (Lil’ Sis’ bed isn’t made either but that’s the norm for her).
There’s a mole on this site. Either that or someone gifted Beeping Bobby with a 9v for his smoke detector. NO BEEPING TODAY!!
Susan’s mom changed her mic so no Chaka Khan reverb! I’m disappointed. I was going to request “I’m every woman”. Yes Whitney remade it but I actually prefer Chaka’s version.
Fight me.
Samuel did not dominate the morning class. Now I feel bad. Did Sammy’s mom tell him to give another kid a chance? Doesn’t Sam’s mom know that the other kids WANT Sam to answer all the questions? It’s the PARENTS of Sam’s friends that are probably making her feel bad. Cause the kids ain’t stressed.
About 10 minutes later, I decided to replace the latest non-spinning chair with a new nice flat folding chair.
Because I’m mean.
I sent introductory emails to both girls’ teachers thanking them for doing their best in this circumstance. They all need a raise.