Both of my girls have been in online school now for at least a couple weeks (I’ve lost count).  I feel compelled to write about their chronicles.  And mine.  First — The AutisticHighSchooler is in 9th grade.  I’m slightly lucky in that, I don’t need to sit by her to make sure she’s paying attention in class.  I KNOW she’s not paying attention.  She never has.  She needs all her assignments in writing and will end up learning it on her own offline.  
I am finding out that The 7YearOldADHDSecondGrader really needs me (or SOMEONE) to sit right there and make sure she has heard what’s going on.  Because, you know, in 2nd grade…they are actually learning fundamentals for later years.  Her teachers are awesome.  I give them credit.  I’d have lost it by now dealing with 30 kids online.  I am losing it dealing with TWO kids online.  However, in an effort to entertain myself, I’ve been making note of how The 7 Year Old’s class has been going.  I finally decided to put them here.  Hopefully, one day when I actually have time for, you know, THIS JOB, I can post more regularly.  A little background for those of you not lucky enough to have the same format that we do:  For The Autistic High Schooler, this is 9th grade.  She has 4 block scheduled classes.  That means four 90 minute classes IF she were in an actual school building pre-Covid.  For this semester, we opted for Virtual Learning for her.  90 minutes is now 70 minutes.  Each period has the first 35 minutes live online via some Zoom type platform.  Kids must show up and attendance is taken.  The last 35 minutes of the period are for independent learning.  She has World History, Curriculum Assistance (more on that in another blog), Healthful Living, and Biology.  All but the CA class are Honors courses.  She’s a smart kid.  The ADHD Second Grader’s schedule is more complex.  She’s actually going to GO into the building once our county decides it’s feasible.  She has live classes via Google Meet from 8:25-10:50 with a 15 minute break at 9:30.  It is absolutely a LOT for a 7 year old.  However, if she got more or longer breaks, this particular kid would have a hard time transitioning back.  Because ADHD.  So it is what it is. She actually gets 90 minutes for lunch then she’s back at it online another 90 minutes with a 15 minute break until school is over.
For now, here’s what’s been happening in Second Grade Google Meet over the past week or so (the kids’ names have been changed to protect me). 
Smoke detector gate day 2:  One day 1, I noticed that Andrew’s smoke detector beeps.  Whenever he goes off mute to say something, we hear it.  It annoys me.  If my Autistic and Sound Sensitive High Schooler heard it, she likely wouldn’t be able to attend class whenever he was there.  Thankfully, so far, no one in 9th grade has this issue.  Back to second grade: 
Little Andrew has on headphones. He probably isn’t even aware of the beeping.
The 7 Year Old has expressed her displeasure over hearing it.
Andrew’s whole entire Face is in the Google Meet square.
Chat developments: Google Meet has a chat box.  You can type a question to the teacher, or the teacher can type in a link for the kids to follow.  These Second Graders use it the way I did when I was passing notes in class. Except for some reason, they don’t realize that the teacher sees what they’re typing and that most of the time it has nothing to do with what she’s saying.  It is extremely distracting to my ADHD 7 year old.  Not because she’s annoyed that she wants to be able to pay attention to the teacher….it’s distracting because she wants to type in it too.  I won’t let her.  I’m sure this will be added to her own “Mommy Dearest” autobiography-turned-movie one day.
I was on a call in my home office next door and came back to the kids in the chat typing stuff and not listening. “Please pay attention and stay out of the chat. ADHD 7 year old’s mom”. Yeah that was me typing in the chat. Yes I overstep. The teacher did thank me. It’s hard to manage 30 kids.
Chair update: Someone in this house who has a credit card who isn’t me, thought that both girls needed office chairs for their home workstations. One of those parents sitting next to their kid doing what I’m doing  is looking at my kid wondering why her stupid mom would give a 7 year old a chair that spins.  Don’t worry, I’m judging you too.
As an adult with ADHD, I don’t much care IF there’s fidgeting as long as one can pay attention WHILE fidgeting. I advise clients on a myriad of ways to allow their kids a safe and non disruptive way to move around. It’s up to the parent and teacher to discern what method works. For my kid, I’ve got a ton of other ideas up my sleeve. Also, giving her a LOT of grace and patience is something I personally pray for myself daily. 
New update:  Briana sounds like Chaka Khan when she speaks. Her mom must’ve forgotten to change the karaoke setting on the computer mic to normal. It’s on reverb or something. Or the conspiracy theory is that Briana is a triplet and no one knows. Betty and Bethula are in the room learning as well and since they’re triplets, they speak in tandem.
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The ADHD 7 Year Old’s New Seating Arrangement.  Clearly much better than the spinning chair.  She can stand on it.  I am fully open to the judgement from you mom’s who would never allow your kid to have such a messy floor.  I pick my battles. 
Also Ima need Susan’s dad to get off the phone or talk in the other room. Dude. Sue can’t hear her teacher while you’re talking all loud, AND it has been every time she’s comes off mute to talk! Cause I’ve been sitting here all day. 
And hey parent! Your son Samuel is dominating the class and doesn’t know how to press his mute button.