“I used to HATE IEP MEETINGS – Release Your Dread with Sped”


Who is this book for?

  • You are the parent or caregiver of a special needs child.
  • You know the meaning of (or how to find) acronyms associated with special education (IEPs, IDEA etc.)
  • You are a case manager, social worker, or similar who works with parents of special needs children.
  • You are interested in becoming a Parent Advocate
  • You’ve attended or are about to attend an IEP meeting and want tips on how to handle yourself.
Kim Kizito is best known as @TheIEPStrategist on TikTok and Instagram. An IEP is an Individual Education Program provided by the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA – federal legislation designed to ensure that all children receive an appropriate public education) She founded Kizito & Associates, LLC. in 2019 after relocating her family to a new state and leaving her position as a Parent Advocate for the South Carolina Autism Society. Kim decided to start her company after realizing how in her new state, schools were not providing proper services for disabled children as outlined in IDEA. She was able to educate parents and school administrators on IDEA and effectively turn around school service refusals to acceptances. Kim is a special needs advocate who represents parents of children with special needs. Kim also works for private mental health agencies, non and for profit companies and adoption agencies to provide customized state specific training for employees who work with children with special needs placed in foster care, residential homes, or adoptive families. Kim struggled with ADHD which went undiagnosed for years. It affected her ability to effectively learn in school. Kim’s oldest daughter was diagnosed with autism at 28 months. Her dedication to help her own daughter helped her to recall her struggles in school and informs her conviction to help all children with special needs. Kim has a Master’s degree in Education, worked in both elementary and middle schools and was a Corporate Trainer for several years. Aside from her experience with public school, Kim’s experience as an Insurance Adjuster is one of the careers that she constantly draws upon to help her parents during IEP meetings. She never realized how that time in her life would be so invaluable to her career as a successful advocate. Kim teaches those techniques to parents in her book “I used to HATE IEP MEETINGS — Release Your Dread with Sped”. Kim’s company Kizito & Associates, LLC. provides custom “Do it FOR You” (DFY), “Do it WITH You” (DWY), and “Do it YOURSELF” services for anyone seeking help for their child. Her popular DIY Advocacy School can be found on her website – kizitoandassociates.com Kim is married with 2 daughters. She loves traveling and creating fun adventures with her family.


Kim Kizito is well known on social media platforms as @TheIEPStrategist. She decided to write this guide due to high demand from clients who wanted to know the secrets to effectively advocating for their child. When she started receiving requests to put her tips in writing, she realized that anybody can find all the facts about IDEA, IEPs, 504s, school meetings and the special education process online. But what happens once you’ve looked up all of these facts, read them through and still don’t know how to apply that information in the actual meeting? Kim realized that she uses that knowledge in addition to techniques she picked up over the years in various careers. Those techniques coupled with a basic knowledge of IDEA are the reasons Kim has had great success in her career as an advocate. These are the things that she realized needed to be taught to others. How can parents make sure that the odds are in their favor once they sit down at the IEP meeting to advocate for their child? You read your grandmother’s best recipes, purchase all of the ingredients and yet, it STILL doesn’t taste like grandma made it. Just like grandma’s recipes likely didn’t START in the kitchen, knowing how to work with the school doesn’t either. This guide walks you through some of the subtle and not so subtle things Kim does as a parent to advocate for her own children AND for her clients’ children as an Advocate in the school system. Kim presents stories and scenarios in a funny and compelling way to show you how she thinks and what happens when she applies that thinking in actual IEP meetings. Kim has been a parent advocate for over 10 years. She tells you the things she does WELL BEFORE the actual meeting and why. Then she shows you how to use those things at the meeting in a way where you don’t feel like you’ve alienated the teachers and the school, and you’ve gotten the help your child is entitled to. You will be thrilled to stop getting “that phone call” from the school, to know your child is LEARNING and THRIVING! You’ll actually LIKE working with the school and the teachers and the feeling that your child actually feels included! Best of all, parents who have worked with Kim, have HOPE for their special needs children. And hope is an excellent thing.


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